White Boots 101

Sitting here realizing that in a few months I'll be hitting a year since I started this blog. If you know me or have read my posts over the years then you know that I've had several blog series, none of them were successful which discouraged me a lot. I realized that this particular one was meant to be when the title came to me. There's this awesome, fun song by Jamie Grace Harper and her sister Morgan Harper-Nichols called White Boots! It's a song about purity and waiting until marriage so anytime I'd read or post something encouraging women to wait, to choose celibacy or abstinence I'd hashtag #WhiteBoots101 and the 101 is there because many don't underhand it. I thought about my own personal struggles and difficulties in this walk so I just started writing out my feelings. I've found that I'm not alone and through my posts I've found that other people were relating to me. I often call this blog my "baby" and in the past year I've went from mountain top to valley to mountain and back down to valley experiences. This series started after I returned from a conference (Pinky Promise) last year, my mind is blown because it's exactly a month away and its hard to believe that a year went by that fast. I was so recharged and inspired by God after leaving there, I was completely changed. Now I'm making this post because I need your support and help concerning this blog, if you're an avid reader or supporter I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Subscribe to this blog, share it on your social media sites with friends! I find it strange to promote myself or anything but God and this is definitely God led so your support is everything. I've got some awesome things I plan on sharing with you over the next few months and I pray that you'll keep reading and that something written will bless you. My book is still available on Amazon just search Ciara Jiminez (Inner Selfie) and I'm currently writing my first fictional novel. My pastor always says: Love God, love people and love sharing God with people!
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