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32 Things I Learned At 32

Everyone that you thought was solid isn’t SOLIDEverything that you thought was solid isn’t SOLIDHappiness is an emotion like all the other emotions and it is fleetingCarry on bags can hold up to a weeks worth of clothesMoney will come back to you… time will not, take the trip!A job is not just a “job” it is your wellbeing, your peace of mind and your overall contribution to YOUR health.Live in the moment, do not spend time stressing because life is so short and you will miss out on beautiful things!People who know nothing are always the loudest and first to give “expert advice.”You can form strong bonds with people you have known for a month and connect better than some you have known a lifetime.Never wear a one piece to an event that is 2,161.8 miles away… by yourself! You can figure out the struggle.Do not vent when you are vulnerableSleeping on it is a real game changer! Don’t make decisions irrationally, sis!Avocados are life giving! Not hungry but need to eat? Eat an avocado!Hyrd…

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