Carefree Black Girl (The Journey)

For those who’ve been following me for awhile... you know MY journey and my process all too well! You’re familiar with the colorfulness of it ALL whether it was my dark years or my very colorful years I’m grateful for your love and support. I’m NOT leaving but we are entering year 6 of White Boots 101 which has led me to TWO books and now a publishing company. My next step has been one that I’ve battled with for awhile but I’m changing the name of this blog. White Boots 101 Writing Services LLC is now official, it is my  writing/publishing business and THIS is where my journey started I don’t want to lose my fan base or move any of my journey (my post/blog entries)! The “Hippie Princess” has been ready to take flight for sometime now and I hope/pray that you’ll continue to support me throughout the changes. Everything will STAY right here, just doing a name change. Thank you for sticking it out on dark nights, weeks when I had to make vegetable soup stretch, moving back home, loss, grief, growth, vacations, life alterations and beautiful moments! The carefree black girl is BACK, I am YOURS and the Hippie Princess is regaining her hippie ways. I’m back to morning yoga, hours at this computer and long walks/runs midday. I’m finding my peace again.  We will talk VERY soon!- CDJ 


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