32 Things I Learned At 32

  1. Everyone that you thought was solid isn’t SOLID
  2. Everything that you thought was solid isn’t SOLID
  3. Happiness is an emotion like all the other emotions and it is fleeting
  4. Carry on bags can hold up to a weeks worth of clothes
  5. Money will come back to you… time will not, take the trip!
  6. A job is not just a “job” it is your wellbeing, your peace of mind and your overall contribution to YOUR health.
  7. Live in the moment, do not spend time stressing because life is so short and you will miss out on beautiful things!
  8. People who know nothing are always the loudest and first to give “expert advice.”
  9. You can form strong bonds with people you have known for a month and connect better than some you have known a lifetime.
  10. Never wear a one piece to an event that is 2,161.8 miles away… by yourself! You can figure out the struggle.
  11. Do not vent when you are vulnerable
  12. Sleeping on it is a real game changer! Don’t make decisions irrationally, sis!
  13. Avocados are life giving! Not hungry but need to eat? Eat an avocado!
  14. Hyrdrate… your skin is going to switch up on you AND betray you! I was oily my whole life then BOOM dry skin.
  15. Isolation is necessary for growth.
  16. Your feelings are valid! No matter how big or small
  17. A person’s silence IS a response
  18. Do what you want… except for physically or emotionally hurting other people, that’s bad!
  20. They heard you, they saw you… they chose to ignore you. Move around, sis
  21. Your plans? A pandemic can destroy those.
  22. Black Lives have ALWAYS mattered, it just took others longer to realize it and some will never care.
  24. Turning on Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions album can instantly change your mood!
  25. God is for me even when people aren’t! Cling to the Creator 
  26. Running a publishing company and working 40 hours a week is impossible and basically career suicide.
  27. Balance is necessary in every area of your life. The way you eat, sleep and walk through this life has to include balance.
  28. Do not give time or energy to those who insist on misunderstanding you… walk away sis!
  29. EVERYONE should try yoga
  30. Therapy is crucial for everyone. You’re only crazy if you think that you don’t need it.
  31. Brown rice does not get exciting, no matter how you spice it up.
  32. My momma was right about y’all!


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