Trust Him

"You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand." Psalm 16:11

This year has been by far one of the most interesting, lonely, wild rides I have ever been on. It started off very well, it was going to be a "sweet 16" and I had so many hopes and dreams. I still have those hopes and dreams, I've just learned that God's timing is everything. I know that he has amazing plans for me and you! In this season I have learned patience and long suffering. I think that I could handle anything at this point in life, I think that I'm being prepared for something amazing. My faith has been tested numerous times and I understand that this is all a part of the process. In this season I haven't been moved by churchy phrases or cliches but by the presence of God. Quiet mornings, late nights and long periods of quiet moments with him have strengthened me. Even now with a new job, new challenges and plans to move out of state I need those quiet moments or I find myself having a day like I did yesterday. My job is to set appointments for a carpet and flooring company, nothing fancy but I have to set a certain amount of appointments daily to stay in the running during my 30 day trial. Well this is very hard with 600 calls a day and the majority either hangs up on you or you get sent to voicemail automatically. You have to be quick and "sell the appointment!" Anybody who know me knows I'm not loud, I'm not an aggressive person so it's all new for me. Most places would have just said yeah you're not cut out for this and let me go which I was expecting because of the experiences I've faced in past couple years. So they've been gracious and basically given me 30 days to get "tough." In the process of this course I've still been looking at other jobs in the city I'm moving to but definitely makes me want to go harder. 
By nature I'm easily stressed, easily rattled and if I feel like I'm not doing my best I become obsessed with becoming the very best I can. So today I've had the day off, I've had the day to clear my mind and ponder everything that's going on. Narrowed it down to three apartments in Charlotte, I just need to schedule a weekend to tour those places. Applications for the apartments filled out, fees for apps paid and I'm just trusting God in every area. I need to unwind, clear my head and maybe even take a nap because one thing I cannot do is fall apart or give up. I've seen darker days, darker nights and moments where my account was on empty so I WILL not be consumed or thrown by distractions. I won't be bound by stress, opinions of others and the cares of this world. God has me covered, I know his plan for me and once again my faith is not in any job.- Cdj❤️


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