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Sunday Morning (Reasons I left the church)

 I have always had a deep connection with God… no matter what season or moment in life that I was faced with. Before the pandemic happened, I was struggling with my faith and it was not a new battle. For the past few years I have found myself hating church culture. I dislike the politics, the petty banter and the religious cliches surrounding mental health. In some ways church is “all I know.”   My journey with “undoing” religious shackles actually began in 2016. I was knee deep in depression, the purity ministry I had dedicated my life and the majority of 20’s to was collapsing. I was angry, I was hurt and confused because everything I thought I knew about life/ministry had failed. I remember walking away from church for a moment but not knowing what to do with myself because well… it was all that I knew.  I returned to church in 2017, found redemption, comfort and safety in a new body during a season of grief after losing my Grandfather.   I am not a social person by nature, never

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