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Wholeness and Healing (The Evolution Of C)

   I have shared the deepest parts of me on this platform since 2014. I have written books, helped others write books and created a small "following" and community of misfits, underdogs and beautiful souls. I have launched a publishing company, worked a million office jobs (it feels like a million) and even spent months in darkness due to rejection. I have battled with depression, anxiety and the consistent need to be productive in whatever I may be doing at the moment. In all of my seasons I have learned how to move forward and it has not always been willingly! I have felt heartache, I have grieved the loss of some of the most beautiful souls and I have also grieved the disconnection from communities where I thought God had led me.  I started this blog in my mid twenties. I was at the height of living in a new city, adapting to life, ministry and even involved in what I now know to be a cult. I have spent the past couple months explaining that chapter of my life to my therap

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