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Oceans and Vibes (The Evolution Of “C”)

  I decided to start blogging about the places I visit, the things I see and the people I meet. I’ve had some amazing adventures these past few years. Some moments have been epic, colorful while some have been low key and laid back.  None of these moments have been boring or uneventful though! Different places bring different emotions, vibes and unlike a lot of people I meet I got a “late start.” I didn’t grow up going on annual family trips. Most out of town trips were church related or visiting family but never the “we are going to Florida for spring break” type of ordeal. Traditional has never been my thing, it’s just not a common theme in my life and I’m totally ok with that! As an adult I’ve created little quirky  traditions of my own.  I’d never even been on a plane until a week before my 25th birthday. My cousin introduced me to a world outside of my small, Indiana, Midwest scenery. My first plane ride was to Norfolk to spend a few months with her, her husband and kids in VA

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