10 Months and Some Change..

This has been the longest amount of time that I've taken a hiatus from blogging in the past decade... hello friends! This year has been one for the books (literally)! The last time we spoke I was in the process of trying to find a way to launch White Boots 101 Writing Services and guess what? I launched in May, licensing and ALL! I also added a full time job to my plate in the process so that leaves me very little down time. I have missed pouring my heart out on a page, sharing my journey and process with my subscribers and the world.
So first things first: How's your heart? I like to ask that when I haven't conversed with someone in awhile! I like to know where their heart is and if there is anything I can do to either help or comfort. My heart is beating, still a little bruised but always open and receptive because I refuse to float through life closed off. I am currently in the process of working this full time job, consulting with new clients for the publishing company and getting things together for a trip to California in about a month. Traveling is one of my favorite things (as you know) and this year I've seen the mountains of Tennessee and had a quick weekend in Vegas which was my first time EVER going west! I have been working so much that traveling hasn't been a big option this year so ending the year by going to a place I have only dreamed of is so exciting! The goal for next year is to see as many new places as the Creator allows. 
It is so hard to believe that 2019 went by so fast but it has been a year of change, good and bad for the most part. I lost a friend and one of my biggest supporters writing/business wise to Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) this past June. Grief is a process and I don't know if I will ever get over my Grandfather's passing and that has been a little over two years. There are no time restraints on grief as I mourn today on the loss of a close friend 8 years ago. Life brings about a change but I would like to think that I will always "carry" those who are no longer here physically with me! It's been over 10 years since my suicide attempt and I often think of how God put a semi-colon where I attempted to put a period. I find myself thinking of how I would have missed out on so many great life experiences had I have ended it all at 22. Well this is my introductory and post basically stating that I am BACK! I have so many great things to share in the upcoming days, weeks and months. I hope that you're still out there reading and loving me! My grandfather use to say: Keep living! So to you I say,"Keep living!" Until next time, continue to be love and light in this dark world!


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