33 Things I've Learned In 33 Years

"Every year I make a list of the things that I've learned, nothing is too small or simple to be added to that list. Everyday we as humans should be learning or growing, experiencing new things and expanding in areas that have the potential to limit us. Do something that scares you, do something that challenges you and do something that helps you grow as a person! This is a list of 33 things I learned at 33."

  1. Read the room… no matter what room that you’re in. Learn to READ the audience. Act accordingly.
  2. Intuition/energy does not lie.
  3. Take nothing personal from those who don’t know you PERSONALLY.
  4. Live in the moment! Time is the one thing that you can never get back.
  5. Don’t drink Hennessy around strangers, matter of fact don’t drink brown liquor OR get really drunk unless you’re around LEGIT or SOLID family/friends. Just don’t get sloppy drunk at all. 
  6. Follow your dreams, money comes and goes. Don’t neglect your dreams.
  7. Take the trip…your money will return, opportunities don’t always come back around.
  8. Take care of your health! Physical and mental health go hand in hand. 
  9. Protect your heart. 
  10. Read a lot of books! YouTube is not always accurate nor is TikTok.
  11. You’re allowed to make mistakes. 
  12. Blood is not always thicker than water. Family can cut you deeper than anyone. 
  13. Find the underdog in the room… root for them.
  14. Meditate 
  15. Cry it out but don’t stay in the place that caused you to break down.
  16. Forgive because forgiveness is for YOU. 
  17. Love, LOUDLY because people need to know that you love them.
  18. Fear is a liar! Let nothing and no one hold you back. 
  19. Do solo trips! Sometimes you need to get away, sometimes you need to be alone. 
  20. Don’t obsess over what you cannot control. 
  21. Drink a gallon of water a day…your body will thank you!
  22. Create a cover letter… even for the simplest jobs.
  23. Jobs come and go… you don’t owe allegiance to any company that stresses you out! 
  24. It’s 2021… do not call to check on job apps if they tell you not to call… it’s giving me insubordination before you even get hired, beloved. 
  25. Word is great but keep a PDF version of a file/document as well. 
  26. Try new things. Whether it’s food, music or travel/adventures, don’t be afraid to step out. 
  27. Learn about credit maintenance. Some of us learned later in life and are now learning “repair.”
  28. Don’t look down or talk bad about the generation (Z) coming up behind us! Boomers and X’ers tend to look down on us and we don’t want to repeat the cycle. 
  29. Go to therapy. Therapy is for EVERYONE!
  30. Remember that your feelings are valid, no matter how small they may seem, they are VALID!
  31. Don’t give everyone access to you or your being, everyone isn’t for you. 
  32. Don’t entertain narcissists… that’s ALWAYS a job below your pay grade. 
  33. Live and learn, live your best life and NEVER stop learning. 


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