I'd like to take a moment and reintroduce myself... I am Ciara Danelle. I am 29, I have written two books and I started this blog nearly 3 years ago. I took the name of a song by Jamie Grace (I got permission from her and her sister Morgan) called White Boots and added the 101. When I first started this blog I was in the process of writing my first book and just needed a place to share my thoughts and emotions. The basis of my blog was to reach women across the board and share daily struggles that some may be afraid to discuss such as depression, suicide, sexual temptation and JUST life in general. As women we go through so much and we often keep everything to ourselves unknowingly which wreaks havoc on our mental health! I wanted to create a safe place where I could write out my deepest fears, dreams and share everything that was on my heart. I've gotten to network with some pretty cool people via social media these past couple years who've encouraged me to keep going! I released my second book last week and I'm pretty excited to share my journey once again, Irons In the Fire basically takes off from where I left off in my book Inner Selfie. The two books are basically about the journey through my 20's and the ups and downs of it all. I'll be blogging about many different things this year and I'd love your feedback, input and anything you all would like to share.- Cdj❤️


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