Transitioning (Autumn)

I have had the MOST amazing summer! I went to Florida for the first time ever, watched the sun rise on the beach, watched the sun set and listened to waves crash at night. I got to spend a few weeks in one of my favorite places (Norfolk/VA Beach/Chesapeake) and explore areas that I'd never explored. I started the process to make my publishing company LEGIT and made amazing networking connections. My summer has been nothing short of flawless beauty and blessings! I feel like it has been forever since we last communicated and I want to always make this my TOP priority! My readers and supporters are my biggest blessings and the reason that I still write at all. It is a little after 7 am and I thought I would write out some things that were on my heart before doing yoga/meditating. 
I have grown so much since the last post... yet I know that fall and winter are coming. If you've been a reader/follower then you know my battle with depression. It often hits me the hardest during the fall and winter so I often find myself dreading the ending of summer. I'm preparing myself this year, financially and emotionally because I know the struggle that fall/winter brings. I am not being negative or "speaking things into existence" I am simply being honest and open. Narrowed my search for a therapist down to two last week so hopefully I can get the ball rolling within the next couple weeks.
 Nothing new relationship wise and you know that is an area of my life I am HEAVILY guarded about anyway. I share so much of myself and so many parts of myself HERE that I need to hold that part of my life close and I need to protect it. I started that last series on race/gender struggles at the beginning of summer and I have neglected it so badly! We will pick up where we left off and I will solicit women for stories etc! I will do better about blogging and I promise not to stay away so long! We have reached 4 years and I am so proud of how far this blog has come! We have so much further to go, stay with me. Until next time- CDJ💓


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