Monday Flow

 Good afternoon world! It's Monday... I don't know how YOU feel about Mondays but I've never dreaded or hated them. Monday feels like the beginning of new chances, the continuation of whatever I didn't finish last week and a possible chance to FINISH it up. I actually LOVE the feeling of majority of Monday's (even if I'm staring at snow outside my window and I hate snow). I tried to think of a million topics to kick this new year off and start STRONG. I have so many ideas that I don't know where to start exactly.
 I will start off by saying HAPPY New Year! I hope that it is treating you well so far. I do not quite know how to feel yet but I am optimistic about this new year. I have one major request and it's that YOU stay with me as we venture into the 5th year. I'd like to actually start the first series of the year this week (I will keep you posted on social media) We are going to discuss EVERYTHING this year but let's kick it off with some joy, some peace and some optimism. If today isn't going so well for you I pray that it gets better and I pray that it lets up. Keep your head up
💓Cdj 💓


  1. Thank you for the welcome into the new year. I honestly feel like i'am focusing on months and what I want to accomplish in that time vs weekly countdowns. Mondays still bother me however. (ha). As much as I like to start each week on a positive note I always feel like my own expectations get the best of me, and the goal at the start of each week seems out of reach. HOWEVER, that feeling alone drives me each and everyday, reaching goals is key to starting any DAY or YEAR off and so far this year has been off to a wonderful start. I'am looking forward to everything that is ahead in this brand new year, Wish you the best as well! <3


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