My Journey

The past year and a half of my life I've grown up in a big way. Not just being on my own but on my own  in a new city and somewhat of a foreign land. This city isn't like my hometown, everything is colder, darker and rougher. When I first got here I had nothing but 1500 dollars and my clothes, no job, no job prospects or even a place to live. I had faith mixed with some fear and hope mixed with some doubt... I was a baby Christian who knew the lord had a plan but was confused about what that plan was. After about a month of being here I was offered a job through a temp agency and it wasn't until two days before starting that I even knew the location. I had no transportation or way of getting to and from since we had one vehicle and we all worked the same shift so I braved the city bus system. The first day I got lost, dressed in all black in August heat with loafers I walked to work in 90 degree weather and had blisters by the time I arrived. Through wind, rain I was faithful for 3 months and I was offered a permanent position. Upon taking the position the lord said stay here a year and I said a year? God this is my first "big girl" job why a year? He never replied so I pushed the thought to the back of my mind, a position was created for me and a small office (nothing fancy) was given to me. I was happy, I was comfortable then things started to change, my position changed and now I had to work around other people daily. A new work load was given, I went home crying every day! I took a small vacation to a conference in July and one morning while praying in a room full of women I heard God say here's the title for your book. I'd toyed with the idea of writing a book for a long time but it was never in my grasp so I'd thrown the idea away. I then heard him say time is winding up and it took me days to remember the discussion we'd had last December. Suddenly fear flooded me and over the next month I made all types of excuses! I said God I have roommates, I have bills, I'm single... I have roommates LOL! He said I'm talking to you not them. He began teaching me about trust, started pulling the bottom out of some stuff. I have 12 apps in, 3 job offers I'm currently debating on, was hired for one and I put in my two week notice last week. I trust the voice of God and I know my season is up here, I have a degree under my belt, working on one and now over a years worth of experience from a large company on my resume. I'm not worried, I'm excited about life, my book and whatever this next chapter holds. Am I crazy? Yes I am... I'm crazy enought to trust God. I'm crazy enough to step out on what really is faith not foolishness because I did everything he told me to do, I've been obedient to his voice and people think I'm a fool LOL but oh well. The plan he has for me has to be amazing!!


  1. Love this post! God has been calling me to do some of the same things. Although scary, your post has encouraged me to follow through. Thanks for the transparency!

    1. Today is my first day of this new faith walk. I'm glad this inspired you sis! 😘


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