I can remember dark days and nights where words could make or break me... I remember times where I didn't know how to encourage myself or stir myself up in the lords word. The slightest compliment would lift my spirits and the slightest jab would send me tumbling. Your words have power! Whether they're online, face to face, on a phone or text message the things you say to people matter. When you're short, when you're angry or rude with people that matters. I've never been a big talker, I'm more of a listener and if I have nothing to say I'm usually very quiet. By nature I'm a loner, I like being by myself, I'm most comfortable when I'm alone with my thoughts. A few years ago I started using social media to reach people, to uplift people and encourage. 
I stopped using my Twitter for direct criticism of celebrities, slander and laughter at people's pain. It wasn't overnight and there were times I would find myself erasing 5 to 10 tweets because I felt guilty. People have called me a mini Twitter celebrity because I've had convos with a little bit of everyone be it good or bad, people from Oprah to Sherri Shepard. I realized in those moments that my words mean something to people, I realized that on the other side of this keyboard are people like me who can be easily wounded or uplifted. 
Lately I've slacked on my encouraging post while trying to encourage myself in this new season. I have to get back to that! People are hurting, they're lonely  and they have bad days like me. They lose people, loved ones and struggle like me. Whether they are an everyday normal woman like me or a celebrity they feel pain too. Let's do better about how we approach situations and people. Let's bridle our tongues, not be so quick to judge and quicker to pray for people. If I see a FB stat, a tweet or an IG post that's alarming I don't have to say much just simply," Praying for you!" Pray for people, yes we all go through things but it's a beautiful thing when you think of someone else besides yourself! You're not the only one with a family and friends. You're not the only one to have experienced loss, devastation and pain so be sensitive to others plight. Sometimes I read post that are so selfish and people's true colors show up when the spotlight isn't on them. Life isn't about you, it isn't about me and there is something called empathy! 
This generation lacks empathy and sympathy, late 80's babies and 90's kids we are so selfish sometimes. We have been blessed with the ability to live in a world free of lynching, colored restrooms, fountains and restaurants. We have our own struggles, our own battles but we lack unity to change things. Did you know that you can start changing this world with encouragement? Kill the me and mines attitude because tables turn! What happens when you and yours needs me an MINE? The I don't need anybody syndrome has scarred deeply and it's time that we do better. Now that you know better I pray that you'll do better. 



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