For some reason everybody hates Monday... Which has never been my struggle day (I typically was drained on Tuesdays) but I see Monday as a blessing. It's the beginning of your week, it's a fresh start and a chance to have a do over! Please don't wish away your Mondays or any day for that matter but seriously sit before God and ask what he needs you to do today. It's a new month which means new goals and plans for me, it's a chance to finish some goals that I might not have gotten to last month. The past couple weeks I've been kind of solemn, quiet and in my zone just thinking about the future. There's nothing wrong with thinking about the future but there's a problem when you become consumed and obsessed with it.
Exactly one month until my birthday and 29 is quickly approaching along with some insecurities that don't come from Jesus. I'm not where my 18 year old self planned to be, I'm not living in some cozy house in Europe or writing while traveling on all these adventures. My days aren't spent in a studio writing songs or recording music but I'm where God wants me to be. The path and plan I'd created wasn't his though and while we spend ALL this time wishing away our Monday's, our Tuesday's and "Hump" days we need to realize that we will NEVER get these days back. Today is the youngest you will ever be, today is important because you're not even half way through it and you still have time to make some changes that will carry into your tomorrow. You're waiting on the weekend, vacation and summer aren't you? You spend your life just waiting for the next big moment, adventure and event but do you realize that life in itself is an adventure? Every day is a blank page in this book you're writing and how many pages do we leave blank by complaining and murmuring about how much we hate our NOW? We spend too many days (myself included) just waiting, saying we are trusting God without putting in any effort towards what we want out of life. Today I will be filling out apps, apartment hunting for places in Charlotte just as I have for the past couple months. Taking a trip next month to look at the places I've researched online and hopefully will have some interviews lined up as well. Life doesn't always give you a map or an exact step by step process of how things are going to turn out and frankly that'd be boring! My 20's have been an adventure so I'm excited to see what 30 will be like. I'm excited to see where this road will lead and I'm done wishing away my Monday's. Stop complaining about your singleness, your divorce, your mistakes and what you didn't do... There's so much that you haven't done and there's no time limit so go for it! Can we just pray today? "God, we just want to say thank you for another day to worship you with this thing you've given us called life. God, you saw enough in us to bless us to see this day. We aren't looking at tomorrow because you tell us in Matthew 6:27 And which of you by being anxious can add one cubit unto the measure of his life?” Matthew 6:27 ASV So we aren't worrying about tomorrow or whatever issues that life has thrown because we trust that you've already taken care of it! We give our hearts to you and everything that's weighing heavy. We give our minds to you and everything that's causing us to be distracted and worried about the cares of this world. You're such a good father who loves us enough to help us get things right when we mess up so right now lord we ask you to teach us to come to you when we are lost. You're such a faithful father that you never turn us away or let us face life on our own, we submit our own plans to you and trust that yours is better. Thank you for being who you are, our friend, our comforter and ultimately for breathing life into our dead situations and circumstances. 


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