Flying Blind

I am in a new season of life where life almost looks like a blank slate and I find myself trying to figure things out but I know that is not my job. I haven't blogged in about two months, just going through the motions and emotions of life. If you've followed my journey overall this year then you know that it has been a year full of loss, depression and struggle but I also stepped into the 30's.
30 feels like a whole new place so far, a whole new journey and path. I literally work for myself at the moment (from creating resumes, editing books and what I like to call hustling my own books). Life is so much different than it was year ago, I was working for a company from home, planning to move to NC, in school and it felt like life was looking up. Everyday there is an emotional battle/war in my heart and mind on what steps to take next. I was in a different place spiritually a year ago as well, it isn't that I trust God any less than I did last year but I don't trust people like I use to. Spiritually I have been wounded not just by people but by ministry in itself. The past 5 years was filled with outreach, singles meetings and some friendships that have faded. At times I feel drained yet like I'm ready to engage and communicate with others again.  
This spiritual and emotional fight is holding me back from life, friendships and I know that I have to put on the armor in order to get better and heal. Pray for me, I will do the same for you! The war wall is back up so if you have requests, send them to: ❤Cdj


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