Soundtrack To My Life

This year has been one for the books... yet the past two years have had some extreme highs with some deep lows. Last year I spent hours worshipping with Hillsong church, lost some jobs and worshipped with Bethel Music. I lost some weight and didn’t know I was ill at the time but jumped on a plane with my mom, explored Charlotte NC and met some beautiful people at Elevation Church. This year I lost a job I was counting on, moved back to my hometown, watched my grandfather fall ill and fade away, he went to be with Jesus in May. I’ve seen my childhood home flood twice over, be restored and I’ve felt darkness at the same time. I’ve gotten to celebrate 30, ride rollercoasters, reunite with family and make friends with the ocean again. I’ve battled with job rejection, relationship rejection and I’m learning how to be “social.” I got to breathe the same air as Janet Jackson who happens to be my favorite artist of all time and dance (offbeat of course) which is all I wanted for my 30th birthday. I’ve been editing for others, released my second book this year but fell too deep into depression to promote it. I’m feeling at peace although there’s still darkness. Learning about blood sugar and blood pressure, managing weight gain and battling with me (as usual) I still love God, after the past years events with a certain purity organization I’m not much for organized religion anymore. I know God is still there... I know he hasn’t left. Hope that your holidays will be bright! Until next time- ❤️CDJ❤️


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