Shattering The Myths (Black Girls) Pt 1

In the age of social media, opinions fly around like mosquitoes in the summer time. We all have opinions and we are entitled to them but I feel that until you've been in the presence of at least 5 people of a certain race then your opinion falls low on the "depth" meter. I've spent time in the presence of so many white people, I've worked, spent time with, went to school, church even spent time in a lot of their homes so I could actually give my opinion of the white people I've been around but couldn't give a generalization of ALL white people. You see how I did that? The media, white people and even black men (I am about to get deep into this) go hard on black women OVERALL! I want to shatter some myths, some generalizations and some stereotypes that people have created about black women. If I know nothing else in this world I know the struggles, the joys, the pains and the endurance it takes to be a black woman in the good ole "USA."
  1. We aren't all angry or bitter... majority of us are more passionate about being heard and getting our point across because we are rarely heard or respected.
  2. Your definition of ghetto is most likely anything outside of the European standard of beauty or persona. Loud does not equal ghetto, different preferences of hairstyle/color, clothing does not equal ghetto, once again society has set certain standards and pasted certain labels on us.
  3. Wearing ones natural hair should never be deemed as unprofessional nor should I ever be seen as unprofessional for choosing to be comfortable with wearing my hair in its natural state.
  4. We are not given the same opportunities as white women to begin with so yes at times we can be a little bit more abrasive, a little bit more driven and less likely to entertain nonsense. In a country (I could even say world but haven't seen the whole world so that would be leading straight back to bias) that is set up for us to fail majority of us have to be over the top and a little extra.
  5. I've often been offended (and I've experienced it) when a white co-worker or acquaintance speaks to me with slang or with terms I do not even use. If you know me I am very well read and very well spoken so I find it embarrassing for them when they try to connect with me through that stereotype.
  6. My hair is not here for your amusement... It's not here for you to touch, ooh and ahh over or make fun of. 
  7. We don't care if black men date or marry white women *sighs* we do however care when those black men disrespect or degrade us! Type it up and mail it in a letter to your mother. We also find it sad when these same white women whom you put on a pedestal disappear or become silent when this system shreds you to pieces. Then we are painted as angry and bitter for not picking up the pieces after being verbally abused. NEXT→→→
  8. I'm a leftist/feminist but let this be said... white female feminist and black female feminist are not fighting the same fight. YES we all want equality, equal pay etc but we are NOT on the same playing field. My fight/plight will never be the same as yours. I am black first and a woman second!
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