The Rough Patch

Valentine's Day is coming up and I wanted to spread some love to those who may be struggling. As a single woman I can say that I've spent many Valentine's nights alone. The past few years I've chosen to spend them alone because I've learned that it's better to be alone and in God's will than to settle for whats outside of his will. One of my favorite scriptures that pertains to loneliness is: Hebrews 13:5 KJV 
"Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." I spent a lot of time being jealous of those in relationships instead of supporting and uplifting them. I spent far too much time hating and criticizing people in relationships because at one point I was jealous. Then I realized that the grass isn't always green on that side. They struggle too and their struggles are no longer just their own but it's a shared struggle. When I'm going through something I talk it out with God, I work it out with God... When engaged or married you'll have to wait for the other half to work it out with God too. Being single is not a curse, in all honesty it's a blessing! Sure it can get lonely, who doesn't get lonely from time to time? There's a peace in knowing that you can clean your kitchen tomorrow and not be judged. There's a peace in spending hours in your word, listening to music or just being random without worrying about another persons needs! I can plan a trip and not consult anyone. Marriage is beautiful but I don't want to rush God's timing. The beginning of your single stage can be downright difficult...I'll admit it's hard to get use to being alone and not depending on someone else to make you happy. My advice to anyone going through this phase would be spend more time with God! I should have spent more time with God in that early season but it was all new to me I didn't know how to cling to him. This current season I'm in is filled with newness and it's very different than the last season which was very stable and quiet. 
I trust God to get me through the good days, the blah days and the bad days. Valentine's Day is about being with someone you love right? Spend it with Christ! Find some friends who are also single and take your mind off of being alone because you're not really alone. I know about loneliness, heart ache and the dull ache of feeling like nobody understands. I understand! I completely get it and it's such a blessing to have people in your life who GET it! I did not have that at first and it tore me up, I learned to be content over time but those first couple years I was so bitter. I challenge you to find your life on February 14th! If you don't have a boyfriend or spouse then I challenge you to find something to do, please don't spend it moping sister. Candy goes on sale the day after so smile and eat your chocolate girl! Valentine's Day is on a Saturday this year so prepare to go to church that next day, keep your mind on Christ because he loves you and I do too. <3


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