Day 9 Of A 21 Day Commitment

So I'm not down with going around saying I'm fasting, not my thing so this is like the first time I've really shared that I am and probably the only time. I felt led to share some things so here we go! I started a tradition when coming from PP conference last year where I cut off from FB and Twitter for two weeks and no sugar, no eating 6 to 6 for 21 days (kept my IG which isn't a big hindrance to me). Last year I was so hungry/thirsty for God that it didn't bother me much and I was employed full time. Due to life's circumstances, location, position I can't be fully employed until next month or if something better comes along before I'll take it. It's beautiful to wake up with God, spend crazy time all day, listen to worship and sermons but the enemy is trying it. As soon as I started fasting he started messing with my loved ones and I'm like oh he's a LIE! The stupid father of lies and I'm not backing down. Anyway I believe God was preparing me for this because ever since last August I've been fasting 6 to 6 at least 3 days out the week but the past 6 months of being unemployed I lost track and fell off so this is a challenge. By the time you read this my fast will be over and I'm praying that I'll be stronger. I'm so thankful that God loves me and I'm just trying to be closer to his heart, pull me closer Jesus.- CDJ ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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