30 Things I've Learned At 30

Every year I make a list of the things that I've learned, nothing is too small or simple to be added to that list. Everyday we as humans should be learning or growing, experiencing new things and expanding in areas that have the potential to limit us. Do something that scares you, do something that challenges you and do something that helps you grow as a person! This is a list of 30 things I learned at 30...

  1. I learned how to be in the moment, many times when life gets hard I check out mentally but it seemed like last year I didn't get the chance to do that too often. So much was going on at once!
  2. I learned who was for me and exactly who wasn't and even though I have forgiven, I haven't forgot.
  3. I learned how to fight... more so spiritually than physically. I have fought and battled with depression since I was 12 but in the past year I've learned how to fight with the darkest parts of it.
  4. I learned that God is definitely for me even when life literally feels like it's crashing on me.
  5. I learned how to handle my "battle" by consulting medical professionals (currently in the process of finding a psychologist) and I understand that depression is often a result of a chemical imbalance along with the manic episodes I've struggled with for so long.
  6. I learned how to love without limits... so many times people put restrictions and limitations on others simply to love them. Nah if I love you it's pure and unfiltered.
  7. I learned how to be STILL. If you know me then you know that in my 20's I was always moving from one thing to the next! Whether it was a new class or a new job I managed to always keep myself occupied and busy. The past couple years I've had to be alone with myself and my thoughts.
  8. I learned how to silence the opinions of others.
  9. I got over my fear of rollercoasters!
  10. I learned how to love my hair and my body! Started yoga and a new journey of self.
  11. I learned how to dance in the rain (figuratively) and somewhat physically since this house has seen 2 floods with me in it over the course of a year.
  12. I learned how to REST physically and spiritually! The cares of this world will certainly overtake your mind and heart if you're not guarding and filtering.
  13. I learned how to laugh at the things that make me anxious (that aren't life threatening)
  14. I learned how to trust God's timing concerning his plan for my life.
  15. I stepped out on faith and started my own business.
  16. I joined a new church and met lots of new people.
  17. I experienced grief and learned how to process emotions that I had never felt.
  18. I learned that being a loner is NOT a bad thing and that being alone has taught me how to think for myself.
  19. I learned to not limit or put God in a box!
  20. I learned that we cannot change the past... but we can build new beginnings.
  21. I learned to look at the whole picture and not just the preview window.
  22. I learned that I am loved and needed in this world! People can say it a million times but you have to see it for yourself.
  23. I learned that 5 month old can turn up and be more LIVE than 21 year olds! My nephew is the the turn up king.💓
  24. I learned God never takes something from us without giving us something greater!
  25. I learned that grief comes in waves... and I am allowed to feel those waves, to express those waves and to process them.
  26. I learned not to put time limitations on anything in my life... If I want to go for it then I am never too old!
  27. I learned that man's rejection is often God's protection.
  28. What's for me is for me... what's not is just not.
  29. There's an awesome plan for my life!
  30. My 30's will be my best years!!!!


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