Comfort Zone

I use to be a very fearful person when it came down to change and taking risk. God started pulling the bottom out of somethings in the past couple years that forced me to look at life from a different side. I was comfortable in my pink room, I was safe and I would have lived with my grandparents forever which is never NOT an option... But I wouldn't have grown in life or in God had I not left. My faith has been developed in areas I never even tried to step out on. Naturally we like our comfort zones, we like when things go our way and our routines aren't disturbed! Growing up we moved around from house to house a lot and all I wanted was stability, all I wanted was to not have to move around so much. God gave me that stability for 6 years I lived with my grandparents, I was comfortable and I had no plans of leaving Fort Wayne. Life has a way of "growing us up" though and change is inevitable. Most people are like yeah you only moved two hours away... That's a world of difference! Anybody who knows me knows how I feel about my grandparents, I'd do anything for them and vice versa. My sister and I did not have much stability so for them to agree to let us live with them when they could have easily said no was a blessing! We were never wild teenagers but nonetheless they were not obligated to let us live there, we never took anything for granted, never took them for granted and I don't think I can ever pay them back. Whenever I go home people ask when are you coming back? I never have an answer but in my heart I know that I can't because that's not where God wants me. So I'm in Indy and I'll be here for another year because the plan was never for me to get comfortable here but to learn to fly so that I can experience life. God has showed me where I am to be planted, where I am suppose to serve in ministry and to become rooted. Next year I'll be moving to Atlanta which is further than I've ever lived... No weekend trips to my pink room or my grandmas bed. Not even the comfort of being with my sister and best friend everyday. Am I scared? A little frightened but there's a spark of excitement about what's to come because I know God is with me and I will not fail! This year is the launch for spiritual maturity, this year I put all of the things that he's taught me over the past couple years into action! I'll l practice what I preach, I will talk less and move quicker when he speaks. I love God, I love his faithfulness and I love the fact that people think I'm crazy! I am insane! I trust God, I trust his plan for my life beyond the pink room, the safety of my home and I trust that it will all line up. I don't ever want to rely on self or my own will but only on the will of God!!


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