Conference Flow

Hey world! So I clearly started this blog last year after an amazing experience with God last summer after The Pinky Promise Conference. Three days and I'll be back in Atlanta for the 3rd annual conference! I pray that I never miss it from here on out because the experience last year was indescribable! I plan on journaling every night and during some day sessions while I'm there. One of the greatest things I've learned while being a part of this ministry is the importance of quiet time with God. Life gets so hectic and busy but we must be intentional about the time that we spend with him. I'm also excited about my three teenage cousins that are going with us and I'm praying that God does some amazing things in their lives. It's beautiful to have women you can connect with that come from every walk of life and it's even more beautiful to see them in a room together worshiping Jesus Christ. There are so many things that I have before God! As you know I wrote a book at the beginning of the year called Inner Selfie and it's about my personal journey as a "church girl." The title actually came to me during quiet time at the conference last year although I'd been doing Inner Selfie checks for awhile prior to. Everyday I ask God to help me look like him, help to be like him and teach me how to be more aware of how I treat others. I've failed lately at my self checks and I'm for sure that I'm not the only one! This week I need a recharge, I'm going to Atlanta with expectation for God to really meet me there. I'll be posting soon! Love you with all my heart. -Cdj❤️


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