A Year

As I approach a solid year of writing and putting some of my deepest emotions on this blog I can't say I feel accomplished but I can't say I feel defeated either. I honestly don't know who reads my blog or how many follow my posts and I honestly just write what the lord puts on my heart.  The title White Boots is actually a song by of a couple singers whom I love Jamie Grace and Morgan Harper Nichols. The song is about purity and waiting. This blog has been about life, honesty and pure struggles over the past year. My biggest prayer is that through past or future post people's hearts and lives will be changed and touched! I've written many blog series in the past and this is the longest one that I've stuck with so I believe I'm going to stick around until God tells me otherwise. Today marks a year since I started this blog and I'm so excited about what God is going to do! I'm excited about what he's already done!


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