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#EarlyMorningThoughts For months I've been seeking God on the next step of life... I've been trusting and believing him with my whole heart. In that time I've shared little with even those closest to me and God revealed to me that it's not wise to share everything at once so I obeyed. Next summer I'll finally be doing what I'm passionate about and for those who are very close to me you know the pain I endured five years ago as of today. I was in school for esthetics and because of racial prejudice I was asked to turn in my books and leave. I was silent about it and it wrecked my confidence causing me to go into fields I wasn't even passionate about (nail tech I hated). The medical field has provided me with stability and I'll always have this backup. I'm a writer, (be prepared for my book early next year) I'm a singer and I'm a a future makeup artist. Gods plan for my life never changed even when I let humans hinder me and throw me off he never changed. I'm so grateful for Marilyn Clark and Kristen E. Graves who never stopped believing in me and made me feel like I could sprout wings if I tried! I'm so grateful for Heather Lindsey who God has been using to teach me about trust the past 6 months. Devon Brooks Mitchell whom I can vent to and be told the truth! I'm just grateful for my circle of people who keep me encouraged. I'm so ready!!! I'm so excited about waking up to do what I'm passionate about. God I see your plan for my life so clearly now. I understand that there were some people that had to be eliminated from my life so that I could depend solely on you! God I'm so thankful for my portion and I'm learning to keep my eyes on you and not this world because you have a plan for my life. The world is always changing and one minute they say this or that but you remain consistent and your plan for my life never changed.  Pray for me as I continue to follow his plan for my life!!
️CDJ ❤️


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