Living For Christ

 Ephesians 4:18 NLT
[18] Their minds are full of darkness; they wander far from the life God gives because they have closed their minds and hardened their hearts against him.
 As humans we build relationships with one another by spending time, getting to know one another, sharing secrets and conversations. Many don't realize that the same communication should be shared with God. When I come home from work most days I go in my room and spill my guts out to him! I either sit on my floor or across the bed and tell him everything. I've learned to run to him instead of people because to them I'm complaining or rambling most of the time.  As I spend time with him I grow closer to him and long to sit before him if not given then chance to on busy mornings or rushed days. I can spend hours in the evening just laying before him. You see it hasn't always been this way and I realized that like most humans I only ran to him in times of need or trouble. When I realized this I felt guilty and immediately asked for his forgiveness. What I love about God is that he forgives immediately unlike humans who hold my past against me. I can go into his presence unashamed and unbothered by the world  and know that his judgment is for my correction and growth. When you take your problems to people they will give you their human opinions and usually no solutions. We need to be lead to the word of God, we need to be lead to the source and he is that source. I'm going to be lead to the source from now on because he ALWAYS has the solution. If you don't have time to communicate with him in a 24 hour day then you're way to busy and shouldn't be communicating with humans either. That's extreme you say? Well not spending time with the creator who holds your life in his hands is extreme to me. He wants our time and your silly job, career, even your friends or family are nothing in comparison to your relationship with him. I'd rather drop everything for him than to wonder around this earth aimlessly. I'd rather follow him than to sit around doing absolutely nothing and living a life of uncertainty. If you don't know Christ drop everything now and say this: God I'm so lost without you, God I don't know how to do this thing called life on my own so I need you to come into my heart and change me. Teach me how to walk with you and guide me through this crazy world. Forgive me of my sins. Amen.
If you recited that and believe in your heart that he is lord then you just made an incredible decision and the most important choice you can ever make is to walk with him! Don't let silly humans complicate or tell you that you have to jump through a million hoops to live for him. Get in your bible, find a church that will help you grow (in the process of looking at new churches which God told me to do). Don't just go somewhere because your family or friends go there but be lead by God to join where he wants you. Start communicating with him and he'll lead you. I love you and he does too!!! Until we meet again keep him first.



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