28 THINGS I've learned in my 20's

I was chillin today and happened to glance at the calendar and realized that in exactly 2 weeks I'll be 28 years old! Now everyone knows that I have an extreme love and obsession about birthdays (not just mine but everyone around me has to get excited about theirs). This year I'm not all that pumped... Maybe because of the past 6 months of this very lonely season I've had a lot of time to reflect and look at my life from a different angle. I'd like to be very transparent if that's alright! 
I'm 27, at the moment finding myself in a new position where I'm not sure of my abilities, my future plans and I've questioned my choices a lot lately. I'm 27, I've cut off every random, every man who meant me absolutely no type of good and surrendered my life to Christ. I'm 27, I've been celibate and single for quite some time. 
While I am very sure of a lot in my life, I'm unsure about other areas. I'm smart, I'm a good listener, I'm intuitive and I can cook. I'm funny, I'm not hard on the eyes as far as looks and I've got a big heart. I'm also short tempered, unorganized and easily annoyed! I'm patient with people but critical of others actions. I don't lack as far as personality and I've got enough to share, I can be dramatic and over the top which I'm afraid will cause a man to question whether I'm worth the trouble. I know God has someone for me, that's not the issue... The issue is learning to be ok with my issues and my flaws. I had a list of where I was suppose to be by now, that list blew away a long time ago. I believe in setting goals but I do not believe in getting so set on those goals that we eliminate God and his plans. God's plans always rule over mine. Here's my list of 28 things I've learned in my 20's:

1. Embrace change! It's inevitable
2. Laugh, have fun, live. Nobody makes it out alive trust me.
3.Everything isn't for you. Whether it's a job, major, school learn to talk it over with God.
4. Everyone can't speak into your life! Whether it's your mom, family, friends, etc you'll learn that they all have different views and advice. Seek God.
5. Narrow the "mentors" and advisors down to a couple you really trust and who really are in sync with Christ.
6. Your social life is irrelevant if you're not socializing daily with God. I don't care how many people you have pouring into you, if they're not God led then it leads to a dead end! 
7. God hears you, sees you and loves you. You're not forgotten.
8. You're capable of more than you think. Stop doubting your abilities and realize that you'll never know unless you try. 
9. He's not really into you. If he wanted you then he'd pursue you. Men are hunters point blank. 
10. You're not always right. 
11. Other people can be pretty, smart and successful without it taking away from your shine. Erase the competitive nature unless your an athlete on the field or court. 
12. Outer beauty fades and it's key that you start working on that inner now. 
13. It's alright to have an opinion and voice it. Be prepared for the backlash that comes with voicing your opinion, everyone isn't going to agree with you. 
14. Once again YOU are not always right. 
15. Humans are flawed, nobody's perfect and that includes YOU. Therefore be wise about the advice you seek and take. 
16. V8 Popsicles are a horrible idea. 
17. Sex is overrated when it's not with the person God sent for you to spend eternity with. WAIT!
18. They're turning up now but in ten 10 years they'll look like the crypt keeper. 
19. Trends are short lived, make wise choices in who and what you follow. If you're easily persuaded and tossed in your opinions ask God to help you get rooted. You'll need to be rooted when the storms hit.
20. Be firm in your beliefs and stances. 
21. Be honest with yourself and others baby. Honesty will take you far, favor amongst people is always better than money and material. 
22. You're going to fall. You're going to fall hard and it's going to hurt. God has you though! He still loves you!
23. Kill the overzealous nature. You're not perfect, you're going to alienate those who you're suppose to reel into the kingdom. 
24. He's fine but does he know Christ? You can't change him. If you're a young woman seeking a relationship with the lord then a man who is going the opposite direction is a hindrance straight up. 
25. Life happens. Just because you make a lifestyle change doesn't mean that you're exempt from life's struggles and trauma. 
26. Free yourself from religion and develop relationship. Religion stunts your spiritual growth. 
27. Mathew 6:25 will comfort you in difficult seasons. The cliche "this is your season" has caused people a lot of hurt. Every season is YOUR season but they're not all the same seasons. Seasons change and so does life. While you're coming out of a prosperous season I could be coming out of a dry season. We aren't all at the same place. What's for you is for you so throw what's not out. 
28. Be you. In everything you do know that you're not less than, you're not some half done or baked person because your life is going in a different direction. Eyes off of others progress, this is not a race love . 


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