Rejection Vs Protection

I'm fragile... Life has taken me on a journey.
I'm fragile, life has taken me through struggle.
I'm fragile, life has often isolated me.
I'm fragile, life has dealt me cards I never asked for.
I'm fragile, life has placed me in broken situations with broken people.
I'm fragile because rejection has been the common theme in my life since I was a little girl.
I'm fragile because most men have disappointed me and left me to fend for myself.
I'm fragile because the first heartbreak I encountered was from the man who was supposed to protect me, yet he left me with no map or course to life.
I'm fragile yet I've encountered a savior who leads me, guides me and never leaves me to figure things out on my own.
I'm fragile because in the past 3 years I've held over 10 jobs, been to two different colleges and spent many weeks in a daze. 
I'm fragile because I've now found myself, I'm secure in who I am but society keeps saying that I'm almost 30, unmarried, without children and "bitter."
Although I'm fragile I'm connected to a God who often sits with me at all times of the day and night. 
Although I'm fragile I'm connected to a God who often whispers "you're loved" and you're wanted!
I'm fragile because I don't know what stability is right now and I feel like there's a clock ticking loudly. 
I'm fragile because I love God so much but I don't understand his methods at times and I'm reminded that his ways are higher than ours. 
I'm fragile because I'm told in Jeremiah 29:11 that he has plans for me, plans to prosper me and not harm me but I feel rejected at times. 
I feel fragile because I get so close to victory, praying that I'm on that last "lap" only to face another obstacle.
I feel fragile because I'm almost 30 without job security, income or a place to call mine. 
I'm fragile but I realize that REJECTION is often his protection! He protected me from complacency on certain jobs, he protected me from certain relationships that's were unhealthy and dysfunctional.
I'm fragile but I'm connected and intertwined with a Father who's GOOD and perfect in all his ways.
His course of rejection is ALWAYS for my protection. ❤️CDJ❤️


  1. This is beautifully written.... continue to know you're connected. The Father won't ever leave or reject you such an amazing truth, cling to it.


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