Fickle Emotions

Naturally as a Christian I follow the principles of scripture and the bible. As a woman in her 20's I've also learned to set basic rules and boundaries in my everyday life. I created this blog nearly a year ago and a rule I made then and there is not to blog out of emotion or post out of my feelings. I'm an emotional person by nature so I struggle in subjecting my feelings to the lord, I struggle in keeping my opinions and thoughts to myself. When I'm passionate about a subject such as injustice or even racial tension I tend to be emotional. I've been called other things like dramatic, over the top or team too much but it's my nature. 
The thing about Jesus is that he changes us when we get into a relationship with him. He doesn't obliterate our qualities or make us into a stranger. Jesus transforms our hearts but he doesn't turn us into robots that all act or think exactly alike. For example, I don't have a problem making friends or meeting new people, I have a problem socializing so that's one of those things I laid before God awhile ago. 
God has been sending me love notes in the form of people! He's sent women into my life that have helped me grow and become better, he's teaching me how to interact and socialize better. I'm a loner by nature, naturally my days are spent alone 9 times out of 10 and that doesn't bother me. Sure everyone has moments where they feel lonely that's natural! I'm learning not to act out of my emotions, just because I'm lonely doesn't mean I should act on those emotions  and just because something makes me "happy" doesn't mean it's good for me. 
Now that  last one will confuse some because they've been conditioned to believe that happiness is everything or the main goal in life. Happiness is conditional, it's an emotion and it's temporary! Life happens and you're not always going to be happy. Do you think Jesus was always happy? No, scripture tells us Isaiah 53:3 KJV
"He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not." 
So the bible tells us that Jesus felt sad sometimes, it also tells us of a moment when he was so angry he flipped over some tables when the temple was disrespected! So why do you as a human think that you're supposed to walk around happy all the time? It's an emotion like all other emotions.  Just as we shouldn't be misled by anger or hurt, I don't think we should be misled by happiness either.  You're not always going to be happy! Hard pill, swallow it. 
The world we live in tells us that happiness is the goal, we gotta be happy and do what makes us happy... What does God say? Sometimes he may ask you to do things that you're uncomfortable doing or things to make you grow into the person he's molding you to be. Growth and change can be uncomfortable, straight up! I've been being stretched for about 3 years and I can tell you  that happiness has been rare but I've grown so much. Joy is everlasting and I think people want to make joy and happiness the same thing. Joy to me is being able to see the beauty in everything even when life isn't going the way YOU planned! Joy to me is waking up and thanking God and being grateful even if your job or situation is uncomfortable. Recently I found myself saying I just want to be happy, I quickly caught myself because I want more than to just to be happy! Happiness is great in the moments we have it but you'll notice that we appreciate those moments more because we've had some unhappy moments. Scripture tells us in Romans 8:28 KJV
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." 
That scripture tells me that he works ALL things together for my good meaning there has to be some not so good stuff mixed in. I don't know where we got he notion that God is some genie who grants wishes. Yes God can do anything, he's all knowing, all seeing and all powerful but he's also our father so fathers guide, they teach and show us how to act. He doesn't give us everything we want because everything isn't good for us and there are certain situations we aren't even ready for. Take marriage for instance (and I'm using this example because I'm a single woman) there are so many single people that act like marriage is the promise land and we are stuck in Egypt! Marriage is work, it's ministry, it's dying daily and eliminating SELFISHNESS. If you're discontent being single then you should try sitting before the lord, building a relationship with him, get to know his voice and let him lead you. If you're led by your emotions as a single person, lord only knows how you will be as a married person! 
I think people plan more for big fancy weddings and not enough for marriage itself. You're single now, lay before the lord, get to know his word because you'll need that strength when you get married, you'll need that knowledge, wisdom and the guidance of the Holy Spirit when married just like you do while single. Stop complaining, whining and acting like you'll die if you never get married. I've heard people say crazy things like how can someone who is in a relationship relate to me? #Pause they weren't born into a relationship LOL. Like at some point they were single so they know what you're feeling, they've been there too. You're not the only one! 
This generation is full of people who think that the sun rises and sets on THEIR lives which is sad. I repeat you're NOT the only one in this world who's single, you're not some half baked person so chill. Marriage doesn't make you whole, Jesus does! So if you go into a marriage thinking this person is going to fill voids that only Jesus can fill you'll be disappointed. I just wanted to discuss emotions today because we are driven by them and they're fickle. Emotions change like the weather and if you live in Indiana that's a constant shift and change! One minute we are up, sideways and down but we have to learn to submit our feelings to Jesus, to lay before him and run to him not to people. I'm learning how to talk to him before anybody else. Be blessed! 


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