Letter To My Sisters

Lately I've been really seeking God on how to write this blog about competition, jealousy and overall pettiness amongst women in the body of Christ. Oftentimes they behave like women in the world and for a woman who may be new to Christ that could be off putting because her sentiments may be that we are no different than THEM. I've never been a fan of "clique-ishness" in the body or anywhere for that matter so when seeing it first hand recently I was thrown. 
James 3:15 says: "For jealousy and selfishness are not God’s kind of wisdom. Such things are earthly, unspiritual, and demonic." 
How is it that we are so saved and so spiritual yet we don't even apply the word of God to our daily lives? How is that we will carry on, act ungodly and unseemly then say things like," I'm saved so don't get me started!" #Pause for a second, a minute or even an hour because how can we reach the lost and broken acting foolish?! How can we say we represent Christ when we don't even follow his instructions? The Bible is not just some book we read for the sake of reading, its principles and contents have everything that we need to lead a Godly life. I sat down thinking of a way to write a letter to my sisters in the body about how we conduct ourselves. I'm a young woman, 27 who has grown up in the church and I've literally seen the devil destroy and divide the body! If I'm winning in life, if you're winning in life then I am to uplift you! I am to encourage you because we are family! So here's my letter: 

Dear Sister,
We are one... We have the same father, we are all reaching toward a common goal and that is to go deeper in him. We should share the love of Christ not the love of self and we should encourage not tear down. So many different women's groups and ministries which is beautiful but bashing another sisters ministry will not help yours flourish! The walls of denomination often keep us separate and cause division amongst us. We rep Baptist, Apostolic, Cogic and other denominations as if we are not on the same team. We pick each other apart, judge outward appearances and kick our own when they fall.
We isolate, we envy and we have preconceived notions about each other before even taking time out to talk. I recently had the pleasure of worshipping and praising God with 1499 other women from all walks of life, I recently got to see sides I've never seen and some were pleasant while others weren't. As a body we cannot have a self righteous, my denomination or my church is better mentality because it causes sickness. If the body is sick how can we fight? How can we have power and strength to block the enemies tactics if we are inviting him in?! Sisters we are to encourage not to hate, we are to love not tear apart and we are to pick each other up not step on and ridicule! We are to correct in love not condemn and we are to guard our hearts against the enemy who is sitting back laughing because we are doing his bidding! Most won't comment or even like this because blogging has become a competition and I honestly want no type of part in that. I just want to live for Jesus, to support my sisters in their endeavors as they grow in him and to shine his light so the world sees him and not me. I don't want to do anything but serve him lift him up and walk in peace. You see I have no agenda but the enemy does and that's to pit us against one another! I love y'all and if you feel the way I do please share this with other sisters. Feel free to comment, show me love and even if your don't I'll continue to show GOD's love towards you!!- CDJ  ❤️🙏


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