Saturday Flow: Purity Over Lust, Soul Ties And Such❤️❤️

 I have been opinionated, extreme and over the top in past years when debating and I've apologized to those individuals who may have felt my wrath.  What I will not back down from is telling the truth... Now either way you slice it SOMEONE will be offended because the truth is not always a bed of feathers. If I worried about everyone's feelings when I'm writing then I'd be writing fluff and lies POINT BLANK. I am a strong believer and supporter of God's word, I don't just say things without having any WORD to back it up. People get offended when I repost a bed check or tweet something like close your legs... If you've read my past post you'll know I have a past like many others do as well. Thing is that when I gave my life to God (for real not the for play moments) I was intentional about pursuing him and not the world... I wanted to follow him because life wasn't working out in MY HANDS. So when I tweet, post etc close your legs it's perceived as judging to some because they feel convicted! I get that. I've been there and before the renewing of my mind I too would easily get offended and pull the judgement card because I felt convicted! I felt so convicted that I started praying and eventually asked God for forgiveness. Just like I feel convicted about laying across this bed at the moment so when I get done writing I'll make it up LOL! Conviction is not a bad thing, you should want to change and you should want to do better ladies or people who are reading this. Be intentional about changing, we say oh it's too hard or I can't right now because I have to do this or that. 
People want to know what it takes for a person to be celibate for years on end and I say it takes Christ! Naturally you're human, naturally you have desires and wants but do you want the ups and downs of the world or the consistency of Christ who will never leave you or forsake you?! See men are capable of leaving you, they're capable of breaking your heart, knocking you up and acting as if you never existed. And if they aren't married to you they have no obligation or reason to stay with you... So if that man who has no plans of spending eternity with you is a hinderance to your loyalty to God you have to let him go before he destroys your life. Sounds harsh?? This is life and yes God gave you a choice... But why not choose him over the heart breaks and mishaps? Yes we have made mistakes! Yes I personally have made bad choices which is the reason I'm intentional about PURITY! If I can help change a 14 year old girls view, reel her in and let her know that God has a plan then that's enough. You don't have to bump your head to learn and I hate when when people tell others," Oh you're young live life." Why encourage someone to live recklessly though?! Seriously why encourage a person to live recklessly when they're young. You can be carefree without being stupid! See a lot of people are afraid of hurting feelings or upsetting people but I'm not. If you tell a child or teenager sex is bad that just makes them curious and sex isn't bad... The act of it outside of marriage is bad! So when breaking it down be real! Sex is enjoyable and if it wasn't then people wouldn't lose themselves to it! Scare tactics can work LOL but depends on how you use them... If you want to scare them then showing pics of STDS will do it for awhile. What about soul ties?! That's a horror story in itself... Imagine loving or lusting someone to the point where you lose yourself, imagine having no control over your own actions, literally stuck to that person as if they were a drug and that person completely moving on with their life so now you're stuck with these feelings of rejection, hurt, bitterness and confusion. That's what soul ties do! They leave you stuck to a person or people who pick up and move on leaving you to just pick up the pieces. The thing is some people have multiple partners so the depth of being stuck to multiple people is too deep for me and explains why there are so many perceived as crazy out here! A girl I was in conversation with recently said and I quote," I'd rather have all my teeth taken out than to have a soul tie!" Yes it's that deep! Sex is not just sex and I don't care who tells you that sometimes that's all it is. Sex is never NOT complicated! You connected with that person, their baggage AND their issues honey! Now you're wondering why you're going out of your mind, having all these irrational thoughts and acting crazy... Someone else's issues have combined with yours! I have heard people say that they don't believe in soul ties... I just say oh ok so you just think that breaking up with someone is that easy? Soul ties aren't just sexual, any type of relationship can cause you to be stuck. Friendships with people who mean you no type of good or purpose cause soul ties. Why can't you just walk away if soul ties don't exist? If nothing else convinces you or makes you want to honor your body besides God's love for you and the fact that he wants to make you whole then the fear of a soul tie should do it. Yes STDS are scary but isn't being latched to a person who has no intention of spending eternity with you or protecting and truly loving you even scarier?!! That's a stranger who now gets to live freely in your heart, control your emotions and cause you to walk around looking and acting crazy. All of these challenges are taking place via social media and I challenge you to walk with God, ask him to lead you, close your legs and vow to wait for a man who has vowed to spend FORVER with you! You deserve that baby, you deserve to be loved and cherished so CLOSE EM! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



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