Self Care

I wanted to dive a little deeper into the Church Girl Series yet kind of look at some things from different angles. In the past month we've had some amazing stories shared and some deep felt posts that have been submitted (still have a few more, stretching them out). Self care has become something that is very crucial in my life after these past few years of stress, depression and a series of emotional trauma. You only get ONE life, you can't get time back so it is important to not only focus on your physical health but your mental health coincides with it. Your mental well being is important! 
The Struggle Olympics are something you've most likely read about in a lot of my post and they usually occur when people begin to compare who's had it harder in life. People often make others feel like their issues are on a scale and if you have not suffered at the same "level" then your battles are insignificant. In my "world" I don't contribute to the struggle olympics and I understand that pain is PAIN! We all suffer with pain and yes there are many different obstacles that we as humans face, some more traumatic on other levels. Who are we to denounce or belittle others pain? I think that even when we share our stories, our hurts and frustration face to face or on platforms like this we need to really protect our mental well being!  We need to unplug and sometimes isolate to better ourselves and I think that too many times we continue to surround ourselves with the same people or issues that brought us to our breaking point. I'm not Iyanla nor do I hold a psychology degree but what I've learned is that my feelings, my hurt and my pain matters and it doesn't make me selfish to take time to focus on me. I found these 10 steps not just for my "church girls series" but for people in general. You're loved, you're worth LOVE and you deserve to be mentally well my loves! It's Saturday, find a quiet place to get centered.- CDJ❤️


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